Torque Calculation & Conversion

Torque calculation using extension
– A regular straight extension wich is 90′ to the torque wrench(normal socket extension) does not change the effective length of your torque wrench, and will therefore not have any affect on the torque setting.
– When length of the torque wrench increased (as per diagram), the actual torque applied to the bolt will be higher than the setting on the torque wrench.

Calculation steps –

Wrench setting = desired torque x wrench length / (wrench length + extension length)
-Follow Torque Reading
1.First convert the desired toruque you need to be calculated into Foot pounds (ft.lbs) using the table given above.
2.Measure the Torque wrench length from center of handle to the center of head (as per diagram, in inches))
3.And measure the extension length (as per diagram, in inches)

Enter the these information in the table it will be calculated in ft.lbs


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